Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Style Blog...

'Fashionably yours,' is my style blog. It is now up for public view, and you can view it from:


I hope you enjoy. I won't be posting under this blog much anymore.


Friday, December 9, 2011

It's time

December 8 was my husband's half birthday.

We celebrated with a raspberry and blueberry shortcake,

which was delicious.

I gave him half gifts (half a summer sausage from

Hickory Farms, one glove for metal detecting, etc). He

was baffled, but enjoyed it.

And there's my sweetie enjoying a peppermint latte.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Another year goes by...

I'll try not to let that happen again...

I've decided to style blog. This means much, much more posting. In attempting this I will post fashion trends, retail my designs, explain styling (we're talking hair, makeup - the works), and in the midst of it all, blog about my life.

Let's make it interesting...

Monday, December 6, 2010

A year later...

Hello all,

It's been a year since my last update (and then some). So much has happened...

-I married the man I love
-I moved into a house right next to my parents
-My home is the most comfortable place I've known
-Both my married sisters are pregnant
-My other sister, Crystal, is engaged
-I've become enraptured with catfishing
-And I've developed a passion for home decorating

That's just some highlights. I just wanted to post quickly to say that God has been so good to Fred and me. Every night I try to go to bed thanking Him for the overwhelming gifts He's given us. At the top of the list - Fred. What a comfort, love, and happiness is mine. Secondly - family. What a joy to live next to my parents. It's wonderful to be around them on the holidays. As far as Fred's side of the family goes, though, we are sadly bereft of their presence, being states away. Thirdly - safety. I can't imagine going to bed worrying for my life. It's just never happened. I can't believe I took this so for-granted before, but He has given us safety.

That is all I wanted to say pretty much. Hopefully I can be more detailed when our laptop is fixed.

Love to my sisters reading this,

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Hello...

I figured this is probably the most popular way to communicate with my sisters (Denise, Karen, Haley) since they all have blogspots! So here I am.

I don't think I'll write too often, but I'll try to keep yall updated with major news. I am extremely excited about the new house. "Our house" as Fred and I like to call it, even though it's not "ours" quite yet. ;)

*Sighs* waiting... waiting is the hardest thing to do. I like to make things happen, but there is absolutely nothing I can do (rightly) to hasten things! I like to be in control... which is something I'm learning to work with so that Fred and I can become more united. "Working with" really means "letting it it go." I chose the title "Becoming One" because that is the biggest and most important goal the Lord has set before me right now.

I'm gonna run now. School!